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The data presented on this page is a combination of observations from around the State of Hawaii. Some locations report every hour, some multiple times an hour. A summary of the current hours observations is created multiple times an hour, and that data is what is presented here. Not all sites have a full suite of sensors. Clicking on a city or location name will direct you to a variety of different webpages that archive data for that particular location.

You have the option to display the temperature and dewpoint data in either Fahrenheit (°F), or Celsius (°C). You have the option of displaying the wind data in either miles per hour (MPH) or knots (KT).

* - These sites report limited fields.

# - Buoy data provided by Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS).

Land observations are for the current hour, while marine observations may be up to 2 hours old.

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