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Arctic high pressure on February 16th brought a cold and very dry airmass into the Carolinas.  As the high shifted offshore, warmer and more humid air off the Florida and Georgia coast returned northward over a warm front.  Freezing rain developed where this moisture rode up and over the sub-freezing air at the surface. 

The most substantial accretion of freezing rain occurred from Darlington and Hartsville through Bennettsville, Lumberton, eastward into northern Pender County north of Burgaw.  Two locations in Robeson County reported four-tenths of an inch or greater ice accretion.  South of this area temperatures were above freezing during the bulk of the weather event.  Around sunrise on February 17th low pressure off the coast dragged cold air southward which pushed the freezing line as far south of North Myrtle Beach and Wilmington.  A small accretion of freezing rain occurred in these locations at the tail-end of the precipitation event.


Observed Ice Accretion

Bladen County, NC
   Tar Heel, 0.25"

Columbus County, NC
   Whiteville (4 miles north), 0.05"

New Hanover County, NC
   Wilmington Airport, 0.01"

Pender County, NC
   Watha (3 miles southwest), 0.05"
   Watha, 0.10"
   Burgaw, 0.06"

Robeson County, NC
   Lumberton Airport, 0.44"
   St. Pauls, 0.40"
   St. Pauls (3 miles east-north), 0.25"

Darlington County, SC
   Darlington, 0.25"
   Hartsville, 0.25"

Dillon County, SC
   Fork, 0.06"

Florence County, SC
   Florence Airport, 0.05"

Horry County, SC
   North Myrtle Beach Airport, Trace

Marlboro County, SC
   Bennettsville, 0.25"


Radar loop from 8 pm on February 16, 2015 through 10 am on February 17, 2015.

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