National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

National Weather Service Mission:

Provide weather, water and climate data, forecasts, warnings, and impact-based decision support services for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national economy. 


NWS Wilmington, NC Responsibilities:

The NWS Forecast Office in Wilmington, NC is 1 of 122 forecast offices across the U.S. and its territories. that is open 24 hours a day every day of the year. We routinely issue a variety of observational and forecast products for the aviation, marine, fire, hydrology and climate communities for 6 counties in southeast North Carolina, 8 counties in northeast South Carolina, and the nearby Atlantic waters from the South Santee River in SC north to Surf City, NC. In addition, we issue watches, warnings and advisories for hazardous weather as needed. Lastly, we work closely with other federal, state and local government and military partners to provide support for their critical public safety decisions as well as with schools and community groups to teach them about weather hazards and safety. Check out our FAQ page for more information about our products and services and here for an archive of our office newsletters.

Map of counties in southeastern NC and northeastern SC with those covered by the Wilmington forecast office highlighted.


NWS Wilmington, NC Staff



Lead Meteorologists

Steve Pfaff (Meteorologist-in-Charge) Tim Armstrong
Vacant (Warning Coordination Meteorologist) Bob Bright
Reid Hawkins (Science and Operations Officer) Doug Hoehler
Rick Neuherz (Senior Service Hydrologist) Terry Lebo
Mike Perdue (Electronic Systems Analyst) Matt Scalora
Carl Morgan (Information Technology Officer)  
Vacant (Administrative Support Assistant)


Vacant (Observations Program Leader) Mark Bacon
Jim Chaisson (Facilities Engineering Technician)
Stephen Keebler


Rachel Gross-Zouzias

Electronics Technicians

Jordan Baker
Chris McDermott Ian Boatman
Steve Solana Vicky Oliva
  Lauren Warner
  Adam Weiner
















NWS Wilmington, NC Fast Facts

  • Wilmington, NC is the most populous city covered by our office and North Carolina's 8th largest city with a 2020 population of 115,451
  • Florence, SC is the second most populous city covered by our office and South Carolina's 10th largest city with a 2020 population of 39,816
  • U.S. Army Signal Corps began sporadic snowfall observations in Wilmington, NC on December 1, 1870
  • Continuous weather observations (the longest continuous record in the state of North Carolina) began in downtown Wilmington on April 1, 1874
  • The current office adjacent to the Wilmington, NC (ILM) Airport began operations on October 23, 1994
  • Our Weather Surveillance Radar (WSR)-88D (doppler) radar located in Shallotte, NC became operational in July 1995
  • Click here to learn more about the history of the U.S. Weather Bureau/National Weather Service office in Wilmington, NC