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Rainfall was probably the big story with Hanna. The image of the radar estimated storm total precipitation shows an axis of six to ten inches of rain that fell in parts of Horry, Marion and Dillon counties. The coastal areas received much less, generally around two inches. The scale, located at the top of the image, is a little tough to read but in general the blue represents one inch or less...the to two and one half inches...the yellows two and one half inches to five inches...the reds five to ten inches...and the purples...ten inches or more.  You can see a radar reflectivity and velocity loop below, as well as a surface wind Analysis loop courtesy of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory.    
An image of the radar estimated storm total precipitation
Storm Total Precipitation
Radar image of Reflectivity
Radar Reflectivity
Radar image of Velocity
Radar Velocity
Surface Wind Analysis
Surface Wind Analysis