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Occasionally, web server updates will cause some users to experience errors when attempting to load our web pages, either on a phone or a computer. Perhaps radar data or climate data won't load, or you may see "Point forecast not working" messages, or something similar. We had one of those updates on Friday, May 24.

Many times, all that is needed is to clear your browser cache on the device that is having the problem.


For PC/Laptop web browsers:

  • Clear/Delete your cache (CTRL + F5).
  • Open your browser settings, then in the search bar, type "cache". Select "All time" for your time range, then "Clear Data".
    • Instructions may vary slightly depending on the browser you are using. A Google search for "clear cache" followed by the name of your browser will point you in the right direction.


For iPhones (Safari):

  • Open the Settings app, then select Safari
  • Scroll down, then select Clear History and Website Data
  • Tap Clear History and Data to confirm


For Android:

  • Open your browser
    • Android browser: Go to Menu > More > Settings or Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security
      • Then tap Clear cache, Clear history and Clear all cookie data as appropriate.
    • Chrome: Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy
      • Then tap Clear browsing data at the bottom of the screen and leave the defaults selected. Finally, tap Clear.