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This page provides an overview of severe weather climatology for the Pittsburgh, PA (PBZ) CWA since 1950.

This climatology looks at severe weather for the Pittsburgh county warning area from 1950 to 2016. The weather variables in this climatology are tornadoes (1950-2015), severe winds (1955-2016; 58 mph or greater), and large hail (1955-2016; 0.75" in diameter or larger). In 2010, the threshold for severe hail changed from 0.75" to 1.00", however, the NWS still collects reports of hail greater than 0.75".

It is important to view these severe weather reports as just that, reports. We rely heavily on Skywarn Spotters, Broadcast Media, Cooperative Observers, County Officials, and the Public for severe weather reports. While we remain diligent in our efforts to document every occurence of severe weather, we understand that a lot of cases go unrecorded. Each one of severe weather elements was looked at in detail to determine favorable times of occurence by month and time and day.



For more detailed maps of tornado tracks for each county, please visit our Pittsburgh Tornado Tracks webpage.

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Tornado Tracks  2016 Tornadoes


Tornadoes by County  Tornado Frequency by Year


Tornado Frequency by Month  Tornado Frequency by Hour


Tornado Proportions Tornado Fatalities


Severe Winds

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Wind Reports 2016 Wind Reports


Wind Reports per County Wind Reports by Year


Wind Frequency by Month Wind Frequency by Hour


Large Hail

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Large Hail Reports 2016 Large Hail Reports


Large Hail Reports by County Large Hail Reports by Year


Large Hail Reports by Month Large Hail Reports by Hour