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Michael Gallant, Admin Chief (682-703-3710)
Fax: 817.978.2022

The Southern Region Administrative Management Division (AMD) provides budget formulation and budget execution support to the Regional Director, and is responsible for coordinating financial activities with the National Weather Service's Chief Financial Officer.

AMD builds spend plans, monitors spending rates, adjusts spend plans as conditions change, and validates accounting choices for $120 million in budget authority across more than 15 major accounts with multiple sub accounts. AMD also provides financial support to forecast offices in 32 cities on the subject of local allotments and the proper coding of expenditures.

In addition to the financial reporting responsibilities, AMD:

  • Assists with setting up webTA (the time and attendance reporting system) each new year and during the year as the accounting structure resets. Ninety percent of the regions costs are for labor. Getting the right costs charged to the right account is critical to managing the annual allotment.
  • Reviews and monitors spending of "keep the lights on" costs, such as rents, telecommunications, and utilities. These fixed and mixed costs consume eight percent of the region's funding.
  • Provides continuous monitoring of the coding of accountable property, such as computers, monitors, and printers, plus regular reporting on vehicles, and with the annual wall to wall inventory.
  • Initiates the procurement process for recurring charges such as janitorial services, changes to utility providers, and provides assistance with the procurement process to program managers.
  • Manages Permanent Change of Station orders for employees.
  • Coordinates the monthly field office monitoring of local use of the Travel Card, and files the consolidated quarterly report.
  • Acts as a backup approving official for Purchase Card transactions.


Personnel Phone
Jerry Owen Budget Officer 682-703-3752
Lily Garcia Support Services Specialist 682-703-3751
Vacant Budget Analyst 682-703-3754
Manami Wayt Budget Analyst 682-703-3750
Marcela Kline Senior Administrative Support Assistant 682-703-3702