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Last Map Update: Thu, May 23, 2024 at 1:28:49 pm CDT

There is chance of severe thunderstorms Friday afternoon and evening. Large hail and damaging winds are the main concerns.
Severe storms are likely on Saturday afternoon into evening. All severe storm hazards are expected.

 Current Weather Observations...
Location Time
Weather Vsby.
Wind Chill / Heat Index
Oklahoma City, OK12:52Mist5737296SE 13-29.81
Norman, OK12:45Mist7737194SE 12-29.81
Stillwater, OK12:53Mostly Cloudy10826964SE 14G20-29.79
Lawton, OK13:00Mist1 3/4757496SSE 9-29.78
Wichita Falls, TX12:52Haze6807379SSE 9-29.77
Ponca City, OK12:53Mostly Cloudy10806866SE 15-29.78
Enid, OK12:55Mostly Cloudy10796868SSE 17G22-29.75
Alva, OK13:15Overcast10736883SSE 17-29.75
Woodward, OK12:50Overcast10716273SSE 17G22-29.79
Gage, OK13:02Mostly Cloudy10776566SE 12G24-29.75
Watonga, OK12:55Overcast10757085SSE 12-29.81
Clinton, OK12:53Mist6726887SSE 15G22-29.79
Weatherford, OK13:00Overcast10736989SSE 15-29.79
Altus, OK12:55Overcast10776978S 14-29.76
Frederick, OK12:53Overcast7777490S 12-29.75
Ardmore, OK12:50Mostly Cloudy10827374S 16G23-29.79
Ada, OK12:55Light Drizzle \ Mist1 3/4757394SE 10G16-29.84

Local Weather History For May 23rd...
The largest hailstone ever recorded in Oklahoma fell on this date in
2011. The hailstone, six inches in diameter, fell 2 miles north of
Gotebo. Damaging hail with a diameter of 2 to 3 inches was also seen
farther east and north toward Carnegie, western parts of Oklahoma
City, and Kingfisher.

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