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Jeffrey Cupo, OSD Chief (682-703-3709)
Amanda Spearing, ASA (682-703-3760)
Fax: 817.978.4920

Meteorological Services Branch

The Meteorological Services Branch provides 32 Weather Forecast Offices, 7 Center Weather Service Units, 4 River Forecast Centers and 2 specialized support organizations (the Spaceflight Meteorology Group and the Vicksburg WSO) with operational and administrative support for 11 forecast and warning program areas, outreach and storm/tsunami ready programs, product dissemination, decision support services, and observations (upper air and marine).

Meteorological Services Branch Personnel Phone
Tim Oram Branch Chief 682-703-3705
Paul Witsaman Sector Services Program Manager 682-703-3707
Katie Nguyen Marine, Tropical, and Tsunami Program Manager 682-703-3716
Vacant Communications / Dissemination Services Program Manager  
Chris McKinney Regional Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) and Impact-based Decision Support Services (IDSS) Program Manager 682-703-3712


Hydrologic Services Branch

The SR Hydrology program works to provide high quality impact-based hydrologic information, forecasts, and warnings across the full spectrum of hydrologic hazards, in a consistent format and delivery method to allow decision makers and customers to take appropriate action to save life and property in a predictable manner.

 Hydrologic Services Branch Personnel Phone
Paul Mckee Branch Chief 682-703-3721
Vacant Hydrologic Services Program Manager 682-703-3701


Climate Services Branch

 Climate Services Branch Personnel Phone
Victor Murphy Climate and COOP Services Program Manager 682-703-3730