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The Regional Operations Center (ROC) is tasked with four main priorities:

  • Support to Southern Region Field Offices
  • Support to regional-level partners (FEMA, USACE, DoD, etc)
  • Support to NOAA and NWS leadership
  • Facilitating the communication of Decision Support Services (DSS) throughout NWS Southern Region

As such, the ROC is the "hub" of communications for Southern Region headquarters during high impact events, and also provides extensive Decision Support Services to several partners.

The ROC is staffed by five full time Emergency Response Specialists, as well as one temporary ROC Duty Officer who from a SR Field Office that serves a 1 month rotation in the ROC.  The ROC is routinely physically staffed from:

  • 5am - 7pm CT on Weekdays
  • 7am - 5pm CT on Weekends

During high impact events, the ROC will expand its hours of operation and additional personnel from SRH and local NWS offices are routinely brought in to help with ROC operations.  

The ROC can always be contacted 24 hours/day for any operational needs.  

Personnel Phone
Melissa Huffman Meteorologist In Charge (MIC) 682-703-3675
Brian Hoeth Emergency Response Specialist (ERS) 682-703-3771
Kurt Van Speybroeck Emergency Response Specialist (ERS) 682-703-3678
Vacant Emergency Response Specialist (ERS) 682-703-3764
Vacant Emergency Response Specialist (ERS) 682-703-3761