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  Amateur radio is one of the key parts of our office Spotter Program. Amateur radio operators provide us with valuable reports on the weather, particularly in fast-developing and dynamic patterns. Our office is an active participant in the SKYWARN program, a cooperative effort between the National Weather service and the communities it serves.

Our office is an active participant in SKYWARN Recognition Day, which is held in early December each year. This event is a great way for local ham operators to practice their craft, and check out our operations here at the NWS in Fairbanks. The Arctic Amateur Radio Club helps supply the manpower and any necessary equipment while our office supplies refreshments.
SKYWARN and Ham Radio Links:
  • NWS SKYWARN: Official NWS page, provides general information about the SKYWARN program.
  • SKYWARN National Homepage: Non NWS site, provides information about SKYWARN programs across the nation, and other interesting resources.
  • Arctic Amateur Radio Club: Locally active, providing license exams, public service, and information about ham radio.
  • American RAdio Relay League: A national organization dedicated to amateur radio. Find out how to get licensed and get started.
  • Federal Communications Commission: The government agency which licenses amateur radio operators. Provides good information on how to earn a license.