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For Moderate/High/Extreme hazard risk, more detailed information will be provided via emailed briefings to core partners.

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River Forecast Points

Map displays river points in Maine and New Hampshire.  Just click on the point where you want a forecast.

Map is updated every time a new observation or forecast is generated.
Observed Precipitation

Observed Precipitation

Northeast River Forecast Center
Rain Gauge Totals.

Observed Precipitation Page

One Week Archive of Daily Precipitation Graphics

24hr Forecasted QPF

24Hr QPF Forecast

Map displays 24hr forecasted precipitation amounts.

Map is updated every time the forecaster issues a new forecast.

3 Day Precipitation Forecast

2.5 Day QPF Forecast

Map displays 2.5 Day forecasted precipitation amounts.

Map is updated every time the forecaster issues a new forecast.

Flash Flood Guidance

Flash Flood Guidance

Flash Flood Guidance is an estimate of the amount of rainfall required over a given area during a given duration to cause small streams to flood issued by Northeast River Forecast Center.

Flash Flood Guidance Graphics

Departure From Normal

Precipitation / Departure

The precipitation totals used in these graphics and the accompanying text products are from the 6-hourly county mean areal precipitation calculated for use in the NERFC's Community Hydrologic Prediction System.

Precipitation/Departure Graphics


Weather Hazards

Map displays active watch, warnings, advisories and short term forecasts in the lower 48 states. Map automatically refreshes every five minutes.

Significant Flood Outlook

Significant River Flood Outlook

This Flood Outlook is intended to provide a general outlook for significant river flooding. It is not intended to depict all areas of minor flooding or small-scale events such as localized flooding and/or flash flooding.
Historical Streamflow

Historical Streamflow

Map of real-time streamflow compared to historical streamflow for the day of the year.

Snow Analyses

National Snow Analyses

Includes data on snow water equivalent, snow depth and more. The data can be view for a day or animated for a two week period or a seaon.

CONUS & Northeast

NERFC: Observed Snow Maps