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SKYWARN Spotter Program
(How you can help your neighbors)

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The Skywarn™ Spotter program is a voluntary program in which the public can participate and interact with your local NWS Office.  Spotters are encouraged to relay critical weather information to their local NWS Office, in support of the Warning and Forecast Operations. The information they provide routinely helps the NWS Forecasters make better/more informed forecasts, and helps them to warn others of impending dangers or hazards.

A list of what we ask our Spotters to report, and How to Report.

"How do I become a Skywarn Spotter," you ask??
SkyWarn™ Spotters are asked to receive weather spotter training and safety information during informational sessions, normally conducted by the local NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM), and Forecasters. These training sessions are usually conducted in the Spring and Summer months, in anticipation of the climatological Severe Weather Season.

Many of our Skywarn™ spotters are also Amateur Radio operators. These spotters use amateur radio frequencies to relay important and time sensitive information to the NWS. See a map of frequencies listened to by the NWS.

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