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Recent Text Summaries and Reports

Hourly Data for up to 3 Days Ago

  1. Click on the map on our front page.
  2. The page that loads will show the current conditions nearby (usually an airport), and then the NWS forecast below. 
  3. You can check the "3 Day History" link located to the right of the current observation.

Daily and Monthly Summaries     and     Historical Extremes

Please see the examples and accompanying example images below.
The records can be found in many ways, but the two easiest are:
1) Day-by-day
*  Choose the Location in column #1,
*  "Daily almanac" from column #2,
*  Select the date from column #3, and
*  Hit "GO!"
2) Calendar Day Summary:
*  Choose the Location in column #1,
*  "Calendar day summaries" from column #2,
*  For column #3, leave the Year range at "por (period of record) - 2020",
*  Select the variable and summary type, and hit "GO!"
Example: Selecting Max temp and Daily Maximum as the variable and summary type, you'll get the record maximums. (tip: Selecting "Daily Minimum" results in the Lowest High temps (mini maxes))

NOWdata example imageExample of record high temps

Past Holiday Weather Conditions

Harrisburg Williamsport
New Years Day Harrisburg Williamsport
PA Farm Show Weeks Day-By-Day Weather for 1917-Present
Normals and Extremes during Farm Show Weeks
Easter Day Harrisburg Williamsport
July 4th
(Independence Day)
Harrisburg Williamsport
Thanksgiving Day Harrisburg Williamsport
Christmas Day Harrisburg Williamsport


IMPORTANT: The data available from the various NWS websites are considered preliminary and are usually NOT permissible in court/legal proceedings. 

The following two sources (PA State Climatologist and the NCEI) can provide fully-quality-checked documentation which is usually permissible in legal matters.

Pennsylvania State Climatologist


National Center for Environmental Information

  • If you are looking for information about Pennsylvania in general, or need data in a specific format, check with the Pennsylvania State Climatologist (PASC), Mr. Kyle Imhoff. Kyle and his staff can usually find you all the information you are looking for.
  • PASC web:
    phone: (814)865-8732     fax:(814)865-3663

The NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) in Asheville, NC may have what you are looking for. NCEI stores all weather information recorded across the US and it's territories since the 1800's. NCEI quality controls the data and publishes it in various forms (a monthly summary is the most common form). They also certify the data for use in court, as well. NCEI's phone #: (828) 271-4800.

Severe Weather Events:

State College (STCP1) Climate Data (from PSU Meteorology Department):

Observing Station Histories:


Normal Dates of Last Freeze in Spring and First Freeze in Autumn

Normal Date of Last Spring Freeze

Seasonal and Normal Snowfall Maps

Snowfall Map of 2021-2022 Season

Past Daily Weather Maps On-line (from NWS WPC)

View Maps Online

Flood Climatology for Susquehanna Basins

Maps showing common regional names: 

Common PA Regional Geographical Names

Common Regional Names (WPC file)