National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce


We are seeking college students to volunteer for our office for

Spring of 2021.


The deadline for applications for volunteering in the Spring of 2021 is

November 6th, 2020.

The goal of our Student Volunteer Program is to allow the volunteer to gain experience in the operations of a National Weather Service Forecast Office. 

Interested applicants should read this flyer:
for complete application information.
Flyer image  

Applicants should submit:

  1. A completed application form:
  2. a cover letter,
  3. a resume, and
  4. a transcript.
Flyer image
(fillable Word docx)

 Some values of volunteering at NOAA/NWS as a student include:

  • Gaining insight into operational meteorology that will help you better understand how the meteorology courses you are taking apply to a real work environment
  • Gaining insight into how the NWS operates, which can help you learn what future research and tools need to be developed in order to advance the science of meteorology and its applications
  • Gaining insight into NWS systems operations and data collection that can help you whether you choose a future in the public or private sector, including research, development, and application of meteorology
  • Work experience to include on your resume and make you more marketable
  • Potential for college course credits through independent study.
  • Establishing valuable contacts and references while gaining help perfecting your resume.


Regardless of whether or not you think a job with the National Weather Service is for you, all interested students are highly encouraged to apply.  While less than 10% of all meteorology graduates will eventually obtain employment in the National Weather Service, student time in a NWS office is a highly valuable piece of your resume.  This valuable volunteer experience has also helped others secure jobs in the private sector.