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Stats and visualizations on the active winter stretch in Chicago from late January through mid-February
Active Three Weeks ORD Snowfall
ORD Visibility
Snowiest three weeks since 1979 Chicago O'Hare snowfall accumulation Chicago O'Hare frequently low visibility
  • This winter also experienced nine consecutive days (Feb 8-16) with measurable snowfall in Chicago, tying the record for the most with February 3-11, 2018.
  • This winter had the longest stretch of a foot or more of snow cover since the 1978-79 winter for both Chicago (15 days) and Rockford (19 days). This also was the longest stretch of 4+" of snow cover at Rockford since the 1978-79 winter.


Winter 2020-2021 Events

  •  February 14-16, 2021: Heavy snow including lake effect brings a foot plus to all of the city of Chicago; caps off record three weeks
  •  February 4-5, 2021: Wind gusts over 40 mph bring widespread blowing snow and whiteout conditions at times
  •  January 30-31, 2021: Widespread 6-13" of snow brings Chicago its largest snow event in five years
  •  January 25-26, 2021: Snow event brings 5 to 8 inches of snow to parts of the I-88 corridor and Chicago
  •  January 19, 2021: Snow squall moves over part of the Chicago area producing intense snowfall rates
  •  January 3-5, 2021: Multiple days with rime ice, hoar frost, and "smoke stack" snow
  •  January 1, 2021: Wintry system brings up to 3" of snow for the Chicago metro and over 1/4" of ice accumulation farther south
  •  November 24, 2020: First measurable snow of the winter season for many with totals up to 3"


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