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To Submit a Weather Report
(For registered SKYWARN spotters)

You can now submit heavy rainfall (1"+), as well as
STORM TOTAL snow and/or ice reports online at:

Flooding, hail, wind or tornado reports:
Use our SKYWARN Spotter Hotline 800 #.
Other reports can be emailed to:


Upcoming SKYWARN® Classes
These classes are free and open to the public!







Basics Classes












Advanced - Winter Classes (Requires Basic SKYWARN Class Credit)












Advanced - Severe Classes (Requires Basic SKYWARN Class Credit)














Advanced - Tropical Classes (Requires Basic SKYWARN Class Credit)





Advanced - Flood Classes 














Further classes will be scheduled through the remainder of the year

Basics SKYWARN Classes are open to all of the general public.


Important notes:
-Winter, Convection, and Tropical classes require SKYWARN® Basics as a prerequisite.
-You may attend a class even if it is not in the county you reside in.
-Due to the high demand of classes we can not offer classes in every region every season.


What is SKYWARN®?

SKYWARN® is a national network of volunteer severe weather spotters. The spotters are trained by local National Weather Service Forecast Offices on how to spot severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail and flooding. In some parts of the country, spotters also report snowfall and ice accumulation.


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SKYWARN® Presentations


Descriptions of SKYWARN Spotter Classes

** National online spotter courses available too, BUT... **

National SKYWARN® courses are also offered online by COMET on their MetED site (located here.) These courses can be extra value to you however they do not replace the SKYWARN® Basics course taught by one of our meteorologists from the National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington. These online courses leave out vital information on the multitude of weather threats we get in the Mid-Atlantic region. You must take a class with us to become registered as a spotter with our office.

Amateur Radio and SKYWARN

National Capital Area Skywarn Support Group


Additional SKYWARN® Information

National SKYWARN Page

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Weather Spotter's Field Guide

Guía Práctica del Observador del Tiempo

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