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Lightning Tornado Wind Hail Inland
Waves Visibility Heat/Cold
Lightning Tornado Wind Hail Inland Flooding Coastal Flooding Rip Current Seas/Waves Visibility Heat/Cold
Lightning Tornado Wind Hail Inland Flooding Coastal Flooding Rip Current Seas/Waves Visibility Heat/Cold
 Tornado Hazard
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None No tornadoes.
Low Small tornadoes or waterspouts possible with intensity EF0.
Moderate Tornadoes/waterspouts possible high EF0 through EF1 intensity.
High Strong tornadoes possible, maximum intensity EF2 or EF3.
Extreme Devastating tornadoes possible, maximum intensity EF4 or higher.
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 Tornado Impact Statement
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 Tornado Impact Definitions
 Tornado Impact: None
No Tornados.
 Tornado Impact: Low
Tornado Wind: 40 to 57 mph

If a tornado strikes: minor damage may occur in older mobile home parks. Newly planted trees and shrubs may be uprooted if not secured properly. Some small twigs will separate from trees. Unfastened items such as garbage cans and deck furniture will blow around or tip over.
 Tornado Impact: Moderate
Tornado Wind: 58 to 95 mph

If a tornado strikes: minor to moderate damage will occur to many mobile homes. Older trailers may be destroyed. Poorly constructed single family homes may receive some wall damage and partial roof removal. Others will have notable damage to roof shingles and siding. A number of pool cages and lanai screens will be damaged. Unsecured light weight items may become projectiles, causing additional damage. Electrical wires will be blown down, and local power outages are likely.

Numerous large limbs will be blown down. Weaker trees, such as pines, may snap. Some live oaks will be uprooted. Newly planted trees and shrubs could be damaged or uprooted. Rotting trees will be uprooted, and many palm fronds will blow off exposed trees.
 Tornado Impact: High
Dangerous Tornado Wind: 96 to 144 mph

If a tornado strikes: Mobile homes will be pushed off foundations or rolled; older trailers will be demolished. Roofs may be torn off homes of average construction; well built homes will sustain moderate shingle and siding damage, as well as damaged lanai screens and pool cages. Partial roof failure is expected in industrial parks...especially to those buildings with light weight steel and aluminum coverings. Older low-rising apartment roofs may also be torn off. Some windows in high rise office buildings will be blown out. Airborne debris will cause damage, as well as possible injury and fatalities.

Power outages will be widespread, with most wires down and dozens of telephone poles pulled down. Moving vehicles may be blown off highways; rail cars may be overturned.

Numerous large trees will be blown down or snapped; live oak trees in open areas will be largely uprooted. All rotting trees will likely be snapped or uprooted. Hundreds of palm fronds will be blown down...and minor to moderate damage will occur to citrus orchards and newly planted lowland crops.
 Tornado Impact: Extreme
Devastating Tornado Wind: 145 to 259 mph

If a tornado strikes: Persons not in a sturdy building are at great risk for injury or death! All mobile homes will be destroyed; many blown away completely. Well constructed homes will have substantial damage to roofs and walls. Destruction may occur to homes with gabled roofs, where the roof will be lifted off by the winds.

Even concrete block homes are at risk should windows blow out. More than half of all industrial buildings will be destroyed; others will have partial roof and wall damage. Wood framed garden apartment buildings will be severely damaged or destroyed. Airborne debris, with some pieces greater than 50 pounds, will cause extensive damage. Electricity and water will be unavailable for days...and perhaps weeks...after the storm passes.

All trees will be snapped and uprooted. Citrus crops will be destroyed as will all newly planted ground crops. Established ground crops will have damage...with up to one half of the fields no longer arable. Livestock left to weather the storm will be critically injured or killed.