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Fire Weather in the West; Strong to Severe Storms in Southern Mid-Atlantic; Tropics off Florida and Southeast

Critical fire weather conditions will continue across the Inter-mountain West through the upcoming weekend, as Red Flag Warnings and Fire Weather Watches are in effect. Meanwhile, strong to severe storms w/ damaging winds and heavy rain likely in North Carolina and southern Virginia. Finally, the National Hurricane Center is monitoring a broad area of low pressure in the Bahamas for development. Read More >

Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook
  Today's Weather Impact Levels  (click on specific hazard for details)
Lightning Tornado Wind Hail Inland
Waves Visibility Heat/Cold
Lightning Tornado Wind Hail Inland Flooding Coastal Flooding Rip Current Seas/Waves Visibility Heat/Cold
Lightning Tornado Wind Hail Inland Flooding Coastal Flooding Rip Current Seas/Waves Visibility Heat/Cold
 Wind Hazard
Wind Image
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None Wind 0-24 mph sustained and/or gusts to 39 mph.
Low Wind sustained 25-39 mph and/or gusts 40-57 mph.
Moderate Wind sustained 40-73 mph and/or gusts >57 mph.
High Cat 1 Hurricane force (74-95 mph) winds.
Extreme Cat 2+ Hurricane force (>95 mph) winds.
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 Wind Impact Statement
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 Wind Impact Definitions
 Wind Impact: None
Light to fresh breezes and gusts. Small trees and large limbs will sway. Vehicles may feel a slight tug at high speeds.
 Wind Impact: Low
Minor damage may occur in older mobile home parks. Newly planted trees and shrubs may be uprooted if not secured properly. Some small twigs will separate from trees. Move unfastened items such as garbage cans and deck furniture indoors.
 Wind Impact: Moderate
Minor damage may occur to many mobile homes. Poorly constructed homes may receive some wall damage and partial roof removal. A few houses may have minor damage to roof shingles and siding. A few pool cages and lanai screens will be damaged. Unsecured light weight items may become projectiles, causing additional damage. Some electrical wires will be blown down, and local power outages are likely.

Most newly planted trees and shrubs could be damaged or uprooted. Some rotting small trees will be uprooted, and rotten large branches will snap. Numerous small twigs will separate from trees. A few palm fronds will be blown down.
 Wind Impact: High
Damaging Winds are Expected

Most mobile homes will experience moderate to substantial damage. Some of poor construction will be uninhabitable until repaired. Houses of poor to average construction will have damage to shingles...siding...and gutters. Some windows will be blown out. Many lanai screens and pool cages will be damaged.

Unfastened home items of light to moderate weight will become airborne...causing additional damage and possible injury. Dozens of wires will be blown down. Local power outages will affect entire neighborhoods.

Many large branches of healthy trees will be snapped...and rotting small to medium sized trees will be uprooted. Dozens of palm fronds will be blown down...and minor damage will occur to citrus orchards and newly planted lowland crops.
 Wind Impact: Extreme
Life Threatening Winds Possible!

The majority of older mobile homes will be severely damaged or destroyed. Those that remain will be uninhabitable until repaired. Houses of poor to average construction will have major damage, including partial wall collapse and roofs being lifted off. Many will be uninhabitable until repaired. Well constructed houses will incur minor damage to shingles, siding,and gutters, as well as blown out windows.

Partial roof failure is expected in industrial parks...especially to those buildings with light weight steel and aluminum coverings. Older low-rising apartment roofs may also be torn well as siding and shingle damage. Up to one quarter of all glass in high rise office buildings will be blown out. Airborne debris will cause damage, injury, and possible death.

Power outages will be widespread. Thousands of lines will be pulled down, and dozens of power poles will fall.

All trees with rotting bases will uproot or snap. Nearly all large healthy branches will snap. Healthy trees will uproot, especially where ground is saturated. Major damage is expected to citrus orchards. Most newly planted crops will be damaged.