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Staff Listing
 Administrative Team
Brian LaMarre Meteorologist-In-Charge
Dan Noah Warning Coordination Meteorologist
Steve Duaime Electronic Systems Analyst
Matt Anderson Science Operations Officer
Ross Giarratana Observations Program Leader / Meteorologist
Jennifer Pierson Administrative Assistant
Ernie Jillson Information Technology Officer / Meteorologist
Eric Oglesby Service Hydrologist / Meteorologist
 Senior Meteorologists
Paul Close Senior Meteorologist
Rick Davis Senior Meteorologist and Incident Meteorologist (IMET)
Jennifer Hubbard Senior Meteorologist
Nicole Carlisle Senior Meteorologist
Tyler Fleming  Senior Meteorologist
Rodney Wynn Meteorologist
Stephen Shiveley Meteorologist
Keily Delerme Meteorologist
Tony Hurt Meteorologist
Austen Flannery Meteorologist
Christianne Pearce Meteorologist
Yidiana Zayas-Rivera Meteorologist
Ali Davis Meteorologist
 Electronics Technician Team
Bobby Gianino Electronics Technician
Josh Campbell Electronics Technician
 Regional Specialist Team
Mike Hicks Facilities Engineering Technician
 NWS Pathways and Volunteer Students