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Tornado Sheltering Guidelines: Seek the best available area immediately when a Tornado Warning is issued. Your chance of surviving a tornado is exceelent if you follow these guidelines. Worst Options: mobile homes, vehicles, underneath a highway overpass. Bad Options: Large open rooms like gymnasiums, manufactured housing. Good Options: Interior room of a well-constructed home or building, basement. Best Options: Above or below ground Tornado Storm Shelter (NSSA/ICC 500 compliant, recommended by FEMA) or a specifically-designed FEMA Safe Room.



What Is Expected?

Severe storms are possible today.  Large hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes are possible!

Have a plan in place!

Potential Hazards:

  • Large Hail
  • Damaging Wind
  • Tornadoes
  • Lightning

Make sure you have a way to get warnings!



What Should I Do?


  • Stay Weather Aware Today.
  • Listen to Local News Or NOAA Weather Radio For Updates
  • Have MULTIPLE WAYS To Receive Warning Information!
  • If A Warning Is Issued Or You Can Hear Thunder, QUICKLY Find Shelter In A Sturdy Building!

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