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Severe Storms For The Northeast U.S..; Heat And Fire Out West

A strong cold front will likely trigger severe thunderstorms and locally heavy rain on Friday from the Interior Northeast into the eastern Ohio Valley and northern Mid-Atlantic region, especially in New York state and Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, in addition to the ongoing heat wave in the West, fire weather concerns are increasing across the Great Basin into the Four Corners region. Read More >




What's Expected:

Severe thunderstorms are expected today across eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois and far northeast Missouri.  The most likely time frame is 4 to 10 PM.

Large hail, damaging winds, and heavy rainfall will be the primary threats.

What to Do:


  • Listen to local news or NOAA Weather Radio for updates. 
  • Make sure to have multiple ways to receive warnings!
  • If a warning is issued or you can hear thunder, find shelter in a sturdy building.  


  • Keep away from windows.
  • If the wind becomes strong or a tornado warning is issued, go the basement or lowest floor of a sturdy building. 

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