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Courtesy Iowa Environmental Mesonet


Courtesy Iowa Environmental Mesonet

   CoCoRaHS Network Observations  |  Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network
CoCoRaHS is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working together to measure and map precipitation (rain, hail and snow).  To join the CoCoRaHS volunteer program, see



   Observation History
Click on the "City, ST" (3 days of obs) or "Past 30 Days" (30 days of obs) for observations, as well as interactive temperature, wind, and precipitation graphs.  For observations beyond 30 days, see the Iowa Environmental Mesonet by clicking on the "IEM" link.  Past radar data is available on the IEM's Radar Page.
Automated Surface Observing Systems Automated Weather Observing Systems
Burlington, IA  Past 30 Days IEM
Cedar Rapids, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Davenport, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Dubuque, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Iowa City, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Moline, IL Past 30 Days IEM
Clinton, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Fairfield, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Fort Madison, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Freeport, IL Past 30 Days IEM
Independence, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Keokuk, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Macomb, IL Past 30 Days IEM
Monticello, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Mt. Pleasant, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Muscatine, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Savanna, IL Past 30 Days IEM
Sterling, IL Past 30 Days IEM
Vinton, IA Past 30 Days IEM
Washington, IA Past 30 Days IEM

   Radar Observations  |  Click on the images for an interactive display.  See the  Iowa Environmental Mesonet's Radar Page  for past radar data.
Minneapolis La Crosse Milwaukee
Des Moines Davenport Chicago

Kansas City St. Louis Lincoln

   River Level Observations  |  For a graphical view of the river level at a particular location, see our  "River Levels"  or  AHPS Page



   Satellite Observations  |  Click on the images below for an interactive loop display.
  GOES EAST - Upper Mississippi Valley Imagery   Check Here for Mesoscale Views!  
Visible Infrared Water Vapor
  GOES EAST - Continental U.S. Imagery  
Visible Infrared Water Vapor
Visible - This image is taken in visible light, or what the human eye would see from the satellite. Sunrise and sunset can be tracked in this image.
Infrared - This image is taken in the infrared band of light and show relative warmth of objects. Colder objects are brighter and warmer objects are darker. Lower layers of clouds, generally warmer and lower in altitude, are colored gray. Colder and generally higher clouds tops are highlighted in colors. Infrared imagery is useful for determining cloud features both at day and night.
Water Vapor - This image is taken using a wavelength sensitive to the content of water vapor in the atmosphere. Bright and colored areas indicate high water vapor (moisture) content (colored and white areas indicate the presence of both high moisture content and/or ice crystals). Black and brown areas indicate little or no moisture present. Water vapor imagery is useful for both determining locations of moisture and atmospheric circulations.

   Storm Report Observations  |  Local Storm Reports are local weather reports, including snow, rain, wind, hail, & tornadoes.     [Submit Report] 


Today's Preliminary Storm Reports Yesterday's Preliminary Storm Reports
Note: All storm reports are preliminary and are not considered official until certified in Storm Data.

   Surface Map Observations  |    NWS Weather & Hazards Data Viewer      -     Aviation Weather Center:   Interactive Weather Map Display   
For help reading this map, click here.
Alternative Surface Obs Map (SPC)    Alternative Surface Obs Map (COD)
Storm Prediction Center's Mesoanalysis
Pressure & Wind Temp, Td, & Wind Moisture Convergence Theta-E Advection Mixing Ratio / Theta
2 hr Pressure Change 3 hr Temp Change 3hr Td Change ThetaE Change 3 hr Mixing Ratio Change
Other Surface Maps
Interactive Surface Maps (AWC)
Interactive Surface Maps (UCAR)
Mid-Mississippi Valley (UCAR)

   Regional Temperature & Precipitation Observations  |  Airport & COOP obs of max and min temperatures & precipitation amounts
Interactive Precipitation and Snowfall Maps
AHPS Interactive Precipitation Maps Interactive Precipitation Maps Interactive Snowfall Maps
Snowfall Analysis
For comprehensive snow cover observations, analyses, data sets, and map products, see The National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center's National Snow Analyses page.
Local Temperature, Precipitation, Snowfall, & Snow Depth Maps
The daily precipitation maps below (created ~10:30 am daily) are derived from the Regional Max/Min Temp and Precipitation Table above and the CoCoRaHS Precipitation Summary.  They depict the high temperature for the previous calendar day, the 12-hr low temperature ending at 6 am LST (may not be the actual low temperature for the day), the 24-hr precipitation and snowfall totals ending between 5-9 am LST, and the snow depth observed between 5-9am LST.
High Temp
6pm-6am LST 
Low Temp
24 Hour 
24 Hour 
Snow Depth

   Upper Air (Weather Balloon) Observations  |  Weather balloons are released twice a day, giving us charts, maps, & soundings.
Davenport, IA Upper Air Sounding Additional Local Soundings
Omaha, NE Minneapolis, MN Green Bay, WI
Topeka, KS Springfield, MO Lincoln, IL
National Center for Atmospheric Research: Upper Air Maps & Soundings
    National Maps    
  (SPC National Mesoscale Analysis Page)  
300mb 500mb 700mb 850mb 925mb
300mb Height - Divergence - Wind 500mb Height - Temperature - Wind 700mb Height - Wind - Temperature 850mb Height - Temperature - Dew point - Wind 925mb Height - Temperature - Dew point - Wind
    Midwest Sector    
  (SPC Midwest Mesoscale Analysis Page)  
300mb 500mb 700mb 850mb 925mb

   Public Information Statement  |  The Public Information Statement is issued only as needed for special happenings.