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Dangerous Heat in the Northeast and Northwest U.S.; Areas of Excessive Rainfall In the Ohio Valley and Southwest

Dangerous heat will continue to impact portions of the Northwest and Northeast U.S. through this evening. Monsoon showers and thunderstorms may result in flash flooding and debris flows from the Four Corners region into the Great Basin this week. A slow moving cold front will bring heavy thunderstorms which may produce excessive rainfall over the Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic through Wednesday. Read More >

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NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio


NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio provides a continuous broadcast of the latest weather information from the National Weather Service. NOAA Weather Radio is an "all hazards" radio network, working in conjunction with the Federal Communication Commission's Emergency Alert System. In addition to weather related watches and warnings, the NOAA Weather Radio system can provide information on all types of hazards, including Civil and National Emergency Messages.

The radio program can be found on the VHF radio band, on frequencies ranging from 162.400 to 162.550 MHz. There are over 900 NOAA Weather Radio transmitters across the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the U.S. Pacific Territories, and the number is growing. North Carolina is served by over 27 NOAA Weather Radio transmitters which are located within North Carolina as well as in 3 neighboring states. These transmitters provide broadcasts to all 100 counties in North Carolina including the adjacent coastal waters. Information on the Weather Radio transmitters that serve North Carolina is available on the North Carolina NOAA Weather Radio Network web page.

Click on the audio icon in the table below to hear the audio for the product you are interested. The products are listed in columns by transmitter and in rows by the type of the product. If you are unsure about which transmitter covers the area you are interested in, click on the name of the transmitter and a coverage map will appear. You can also click on a county on our NWR County Information Map and all of the transmitters covering that county will be listed.

Note that this is not a true broadcast feed. The audio files are updated in near-real time but because these items are experimental, their timeliness cannot be guaranteed. Only routine products are available and that watches, warnings, and advisories will not be available on this page.




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