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The La Crosse NWS makes presentations to businesses, safety teams, civic groups, etc., regarding severe weather safety, training, or recent weather events if interested. Here are some details...

  • Talks may range from 30-120 minutes depending on the needs of the requesting group.
  • Presentations are usually done using a computer multimedia format.
  • We can supply our own presentation equipment and brochures.
  • We'll do this anywhere in our County Warning Area (CWA).
  • Talks are free (no charge).
  • If interested, contact Warning Coordination Meteorologist Mike Kurz at (608) 784-8275 x726, or send e-mail to

NOTE: Due to varying NWS staffing levels, schedules, and budget/travel restrictions, speaker availability may be limited. In rare cases, speaking engagements may need to be cancelled or post-poned if severe weather is expected or recently occured around the scheduled date. The more advance notice you give us, the more likely we'll be able to meet your needs.


Possible talks include: a presentation picture