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Severe thunderstorms impacted Southeast Texas on April 13, 2019. In addition to numerous straight-line wind damage and hail reports, three tornadoes were confirmed in Houston County. These storms were the initial portion of a much broader severe weather event that stretched across the southeastern states through April 13 and continued into the Mid-Atlantic on April 14. A damage survey team went to Houston county on April 14, and surveyed damage tracks from the three tornadoes. Two of those surveys were coordinated with the results of surveys by WFO Shreveport, as the storms that produced the tornadoes crossed the boundary between the two offices' areas of responsibility and produced tornadoes in each area. More details on the portions of the tracks not in the Houston/Galveston county warning area are available from the website of WFO Shreveport.

Damaged Cars from the Lovelady Area
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