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City of Houston (IAH)

Houston Hobby (HOU)

CITY OF College Station (CLL)

CITY OF Galveston (GLS)

Palacios (PSX)

Climate data on this page is PRELIMINARY (unofficial). CERTIFIED (official) climate data is available from the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).


...left graph is year to date, right graph is current month...


College Station - Click for Older Graphs

CLL Year To Date Graph

CLL Current Month Graph

Houston - Click for Older Graphs

IAH Year To Date Graph

IAH Current Month Graph

Houston-Hobby - Click for Older Graphs

HOU Year To Date Graph

HOU Current Month Graph

Galveston - Click for Older Graphs

GLS Year To Date Graph

GLS Current Month Graph

Palacios - Click for Older Graphs

PSX Year To Date Graph

PSX Current Month Graph


Monthly and Annual Climate Summaries (pdf)