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Galveston was the first weather office west of the Mississippi River. The office was commissioned by the Signal Corps on April 1, 1871 (weather data for 1871 is incomplete).
The first weather office and climatological gathering point for the city of Galveston was located at 67-69 Strand. Data was collected at this location through August 31, 1874.

The weather office moved to 23rd and Strand on September 1, 1874 and remained at this location through July 29, 1878. This location is 1.75 miles west-southwest of the previous location.

On July 30, 1878 the weather office moved to the Custom House, located at Bath Street and Strand, and remained there through May 8, 1882. The weather office briefly moved to the Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad Building located at 25th and Strand from May 9, 1882 through March 14, 1883.

On March 15, 1883 the weather office moved back to the Custom House which was now located at 21st and Mechanic or about a third of a mile east of the previous Custom House location. The Custom House became the Cotton Exchange Building and the weather office remained at this location through June 24, 1898.

The Levy Building located at 2223 Market Street became the new home for the weather office on June 25, 1898. The office weathered the Great 1900 Hurricane at this location before being relocated to the Trust Building, located at Tremont and Post Office streets, on November 27, 1900. It remained at this location through June 24, 1946. The Trust Building was about a quarter mile south of the Levy Building.

The weather office was moved to the U.S. Post Office Building, located at 601 Rosenberg, on June 25, 1946. The full service Weather Service Office (WSO) was consolidated with the Houston office in December 1994. Data collection continues at Scholes Field located about six miles southwest of the U.S. Post Office Building.

The ASOS was established at Scholes Field in 1994 and climatological data collection began at this location in January 1995. A co-op site was established at KGBC radio station located on Pelican Island in 1995 and was moved to the U.S. Coast Guard located at the Bolivar Roads in June 2000.


Disclaimer: Please note that the data provided here is considered "unofficial". The NCEI is the source for any and all court certified weather documents! The individual Weather Service Offices in the field cannot provide court certified weather documents. For question or additional information regarding this data, please contact Jimmy Fowler via e-mail or telephone (281.337.5074).