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Southeast Texas Weather Briefing

The Multi-media Weather Briefing is designed to be a briefing tool for a variety of users including emergency managers. The briefing will be updated with information concerning the latest forecast challenges, forecast uncertainty, and weather hazards. The idea is to give you more of the "Why?" of the forecast. This briefing will be updated usually each Sunday night, Tuesday night and Thursday night. The briefing will discuss weather hazards over the next 3 days, and may be updated daily should significant weather threaten Southeast Texas. Please take our ONLINE SURVEY and tell us what you think about this product!

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The Multi-media Weather Briefing uses the latest Flash Player from Macromedia/Adobe. You can download the latest Flash player for free here. Otherwise, just click on the movie to begin the briefing. Be sure to adjust your volume level in order to properly listen to the briefing.

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