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--Christmas Day--
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...Dreaming of A White Christmas? It can happen...

Snowy weather across southeast Texas is a rare phenomenon. If certain weather elements are in phase, it can snow in Southeast Texas. These elements came together for a significant snow event on Christmas Eve 2004 across most of Southeast Texas. Snow flurries fluttered to the ground during the day on the 24th with heavier snow developing on Christmas Eve and during the early morning hours of Christmas Day. Galveston received 4.0 inches of snow on the 24th and 25th. Areas south of I-10 received heavier snow with 6 to 10 inches of snow falling from Victoria to Wharton to Alvin.

Weather records show that snow has never fallen at the official observation sites in Houston or College Station on December 25th. Snow has fallen the week before and the week after the holiday but never on the 25th. The closest the Houston metropolitan area came to a white Christmas occurred on December 22, 1989 when 1.7 inches of snow fell at Intercontinental Airport. On December 22 1929, 2.5 inches of snow fell in Houston. Areas north of Houston received a rather large snowfall on December 21-22 1929 with Crockett receiving 10.0 inches of snow and Groveton receiving 9.5 inches of snow.

The Ghost of Christmas Past has had to wear galoshes or other rain gear as it rains on Christmas about once every four years. The temperature in Houston typically will reach or fall below 32 degrees about once every 5 years. The coldest Christmas in city history occurred in 1983 when the low temperature plummeted to 11 degrees. The Ghost of Christmas Past was likely wearing sunglasses and sun screen in 2015 when the temperature soared to 83 degrees. The high temperature will reach or exceed 70 degrees about once every five years.

The following tables illustrate the five warmest...coldest and wettest Christmas Days for Houston, College Station and Galveston.


Houston (1891-2017)
Average High: 61.5°F
Average Low: 43.7°F
Average Rainfall: 0.11"
83°F 2015
82°F 1964
80°F 2016
79°F 1955
79°F 1942
11°F 1983
20°F 1989
26°F 1990
27°F 1924
29°F 1985
2.09" 1916
1.81" 1939
1.64" 1982
1.42" 1938
1.31" 1930



Galveston (1947-2017)
Average High: 59.7°F
Average Low: 47.4°F
Average Rainfall: 0.07"
76°F 2016
76°F 2015
75°F 2012
73°F 1982
73°F 1955
14°F 1983
32°F 2004
33°F 1989
34°F 2009
35°F 1990
2.01" 1982
0.80" 1974
0.70" 1976
0.32" 2008
0.19" 1973



College Station (1902-2017)
Average High: 60.4°F
Average Low: 39.1°F
Average Rainfall: 0.08"
85°F 1955
81°F 1964
80°F 2016
80°F 1934
79°F 1942
11°F 1983
20°F 1989
20°F 1924
25°F 2004
25°F 1990
2.50" 1904
1.17" 1957
0.93" 1938
0.70" 1941
0.53" 1962