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Upper Texas Coast Tropical Cyclones in the 1920s




Season Track Map

HURRICANE (Cat. 1 - June 28th landfall) 
This hurricane produced winds of 90 mph at Port Lavaca. The hurricane was of small diameter, with an area of destruction only about 20 miles wide. The lowest pressure was 29.12", and the highest tide only 3' at Port O'Connor. Three persons were killed by this storm.


Season Track Map

HURRICANE (Cat. 1* - June 22nd landfall) 
The remnants of a moderate hurricane made landfall near Port O'Connor, passing over Palacios, Wharton, and Wallis. No lives were lost, but the storm did sink a government survey barge carrying 18,000 barrels of oil at Port Aransas. Maximum winds recorded were 110 mph, and the lowest pressure was 28.91 inches. Winds at Houston and Galveston were 60 mph. A tide of 7.1' was recorded at Pass Cavallo. 

* - Was a Category 2 well offshore, but weakened to a Category 1 by landfall.