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Upper Texas Coast Tropical Cyclones in the 1930s




Season Track Map

HURRICANE (Cat. 1 - August 14th landfall) 
This hurricane struck just east of the TX-LA border. At Lake Jackson, LA, one man was killed, another injured, and scores suffered "a night of terror" as the hurricane roared over the city. Along the upper TX coast, a high tide was the only effect.

TROPICAL STORM (October 17th landfall) 
This tropical storm wandered around the Gulf for several days before making landfall near Freeport and producing squally weather.


Season Track Map

HURRICANE (Cat. 1* - July 25th landfall) 
An unusual storm which formed off the Carolina coast in the Atlantic, moved south and west across FL and into the Gulf. South of LA, the storm developed rapidly into a hurricane and moved westward toward its landfall at Rockport. Winds in Corpus Christi gusted to 56 mph, the barometer fell to 29.12" (28.79" at Rockport), and a 10.2' storm surge was recorded on St. Joseph's Island. Up to 19 deaths and many injuries were attributed to the hurricane in TX. 

* - Hurrtrak data indicated a Category 1 status; NHC/TPC documents had peak at a Category 2.

HURRICANE (Cat. 1 - August 27th landfall) 
This system started in the Gulf below Alabama, moved toward Galveston, and "buzzed" the island on the 27th, then turned southwest and moved down the coast until finally making landfall near Tampico, Mexico. On the Texas coast, high tides and small amounts of rainfall were the only impact. 



Season Track Map

The 1933 Hurricane Season was notable in two respects. First, the 21 tropical disturbances recorded that year was a record in the Atlantic, and second, the majority of storms moved farther west than is usual. Seven of these made landfall between Corpus Christi and Tampico, Mexico.

TROPICAL STORM (July 23rd landfall) 
This storm was considered one of the greatest tropical storms in area and general rainfall. The storm reached the Freeport area on 7/22 and moved very slowly for the next three days into LA. Rainfall averaged 12.50" over an area of 25,000 square miles. Twenty inches fell in a small area of east TX and western LA. Logansport, LA recorded 22.30" over a four day period. 



Season Track Map

HURRICANE (Cat. 4 - August 14th landfall) 
This intense hurricane of small diameter struck between Galveston and Freeport. Highest winds were estimated at 100 mph which blew down flimsy shacks and left 600 families homeless. The system brought 12" of rain to OK later. Forty lives were lost, and 200 persons were injured. Eight hundred birds at Wharton were killed by the driving rain. 

Winds (mph): East Columbia - estimated 100; Houston - 65. 
Pressure (inches): on a ship offshore - 27.82; East Columbia - 27.83; Freeport - 28.03.