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Upper Texas Coast Tropical Cyclones in the 2000s



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Map of 2000s Storms


IKE Hurricane - Cat.2/ 
Galveston Island
9/13/08 Pk. Wind - 95 kt
Pressure - 950 mb
Destructive storm surge along the Bolivar Peninsula and across portions of Galveston Bay. Wind damage across a large part of southeast Texas.
EDOUARD Tropical Storm / 
Just east of High Island in McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge
8/5/08 Pk. Wind - 55 kt
Pressure - 996 mb
Minimal damage from flooding across portions of Chambers County and the Gilchrist area (Bolivar Peninsula).
HUMBERTO Hurricane - Cat.1/ 
Just east of High Island in McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge
9/13/07 Pk. Wnd - 80 kt
Pressure - 985 mb
Wind damage to homes and businesses in and around the High Island area; Rainfall totals >14 inches 
in SE Chambers County.
ERIN Tropical Storm / 
San Jose Island (just north of Port Aransas)
8/16/07 Pk. Wnd - 35 kt
Pressure - 1003 mb
Three fatalities (from inland flooding); Significant flooding in and around the Houston area resulted in a disaster declaration.
RITA Hurricane - Cat. 3/ 
Between Sabine Pass and Johnson's Bayou (just east of the Texas/Louisiana border)
9/24/05 Pk. Wnd - 105 kt
Pressure - 937 mb
Massive evacuation ahead of landfalll; minimal damage mainly due to sustained tropical storm force winds; Lake Livingston Dam damaged due to high water and wave action.
BILL Tropical Storm / 
Southeast Louisiana
6/30/03 Pk. Wnd - 52 kt
Pressure - 997 mb
Not plotted due to landfall location criteria
CLAUDETTE Hurricane - Cat. 1/ 
Port O'Connor
7/15/03 Pk. Wnd - 78 kt
Pressure - 981 mb
Major beach erosion High Island to Freeport; one tornado; over 1700 homes/businesses damaged or destroyed
GRACE Tropical Storm / 
between Port O'Connor and Freeport
8/31/03 Pk. Wnd - 35 kt
Pressure - 1007 mb
Produced flooding rains of 6 to 15 inches
FAY Tropical Storm / 
9/06/02 Pk. Wnd - 50 kt
Pressure - 998 mb
10 to 20 inches of rain; five tornadoes
LILI Hurricane / 
South Central Louisiana
10/03/02 Pk. Wnd - 80 kt
Pressure - 963 mb
Not plotted due to landfall location criteria
ALLISON Tropical Storm / 
Port Aransas
6/06/01 Pk. Wnd - 60 kt
Pressure - 1000mb
Beach erosion (tides 2 to 3 feet above normal); 2 to 4 inches of rain inland, 4 to 6 along the coast