National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
February Severe Weather Events
for Southeast Texas
2012 3rd Two early evening tornadoes (EF-1 and EF-2) struck the Snook area (Burleson County). The EF-1 touched down in the southeastern portion of the city, damaging numerous homes and uprooting several trees. Additional damage to the south of the tornado track was likely due to the rear flank downdraft of the storm. The EF-2 tornado touched down to the northeast of Snook just a few minutes later and produced major damage to both a private business and a FedEx shipping facility. A small metal outbuilding was destroyed at the private business while a larger metal outbuilding sustained significant damage. The FedEx facility suffered some minor damage while a few tractor trailers were thrown across the road into a pecan tree orchard.
2011 3rd-4th A very cold air mass was in place in early February with overnight low temperatures in the teens and 20s. A low pressure system moved from west to east across north Texas and drew Gulf moisture into southeast Texas. Freezing rain, sleet and snow fell over most of southeast Texas. Madisonville (Madison County) reported 2 inches of snow.
2011 1st A strong cold front swept across southeast Texas during the overnight and early morning hours and produced damaging wind gusts mainly north of Interstate 10. Numerous trees were blown down, and the strong winds also caused roof damage to some homes and mobile homes.
2010 23rd A low pressure system tracked along the Texas coast and produced a band of snowgenerally north of Interstate 10. 2 to 4 inches fell north of a line from Brenham to Trinity.
2010 11th-12th A low pressure system produced rain that changed over to snow. 2 to 4 inches fell along a line from Madisonville to Croockett, and there were lighter amounts to the south.
2009 11th Strong winds downed a tree on a mobile home between Aldine and Spring (Harris County) and split it in half. Two people were trapped inside but were rescued without injury.
2008 16th A severe thunderstorm produced a 64 mph wind gust at the North Jetty PORTS site in Galveston Bay.
2008 16th An EF0 tornado that was spotted near La Marque (Galveston County) caused little damage.
2008 15th A severe thunderstorm produced golf ball size hail near Midway (Madison County).
2008 11th A severe thunderstorm produced strong winds that blew over an 18-wheeler tractor trailer near Hilje (Wharton County). The driver suffered only minor injuries.
2008 5th A severe thunderstorm generated quarter to golf ball size hail near Shenandoah (Montgomery County) that broke the windows of at least one residence.
2006 10th An F0 tornado caused structural damage to an apartment complex in Houston (Harris County) at the intersection of Westheimer and Dunvale. The tornado was witnessed by a property maintenance worker. Damage consisted of an east facing apartment brick wall that collapsed into a lower brick wall. There was also very minor roof damage to the building.
2005 1st Lightning killed one man and injured another while they walked through a parking lot in Houston (Harris County)
2005 24th A 40 year old man was injured by lightning as he held an umbrella in Houston's Memorial Park (Harris County).
1998 10th A Squall line swept through Southeast Texas. Two F1 tornadoes (Baytown in Harris County and League City in Galveston County), strong wind gusts (80 mph in Magnolia, Montgomery County and 134 mph at the Lake Livingston Dam, Polk County before the instruments blew away), and extreme wind damage accompanied the squall line. Polk County was extremely hard hit with 18 homes completely destroyed and more than 350 with major or minor damage. There was a large loss to the timber industry with millions of trees downed all across east Texas. Polk County was declared a disaster area with damages totaling $3.8 million.
1998 16th Less than a week after the above squall line swept through Southeast Texas, an F1 tornadodeveloped in Fort Bend County in Sugarland. $3.7 million damage resulted from the tornado hitting portions of the First Colony Mall and a nearby ice skating rink.
1994 9-10th An ice storm affected portions of Washington and Brazos counties (including the Bryan-College Station area). Ice accumulated up to one inch thick.
1989 4th-6th A severe ice storm caused $12 million damage to the Southeast Harris County and Clear Lake area. The weight of ice on powerlines toppled several supporting steel towers.
1986 5th A severe weather outbreak led to the development of four tornadoes (including an F3) in Harris and Waller Counties. The first tornado (F2) formed in eastern Waller County about 7 miles northwest of Katy. It stayed on the ground for about 8 miles and knocked over some power poles and trees. A second tornado (F2) formed south of Tomball and had a 2 1/2 mile long damage path. A third tornado (F1) hit the southeast Tomball area and had a mile long damage path. Hail with this storm was ankle deep with sizes up to golf balls. Hundreds of powerlines were also downed. The fourth and most destructive tornado (F3) had a five mile long damage path in the vicinity of Hooks airport where 90% of the buildings suffered damage and 300 of 500 planes were either damaged or destroyed. This tornado also hit a mobile home park where 37 of the 40 mobile homes in the park were either damaged or destroyed. This storm also produced tennis ball sized hail. Two people were killed from this tornado. The four tornadoes caused $80 million damage, killed 2, and injured 49.