National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
January Severe Weather Events
for Southeast Texas


2012 25th A severe thunderstorm outbreak, the second one of the month, was mainly a tornado (six of them) and wind damage event for a large portion of inland southeast Texas. Tornadoes included an EF-1 from the Deanville area to the Caldwell area (Burleson County) which included a house being pushed off a cinder block base then dragged along a curved path for about 100 feet, an EF-0 just north of the Brenham Municipal Airport (Washingtom County) that destroyed several metal outbuildings and removed the roof from a barn, an EF-0 near Cottonwood (Madison County) that uprooted and snapped trees along its narrow and short path, an EF-0 in the Huntsville area (Walker County) that caused damage on both sides of Interstate 10, another EF-0 in the Huntsville area that caused some significant damage to area homes, and an EF-0 in Pearland (Brazoria County) that caused some structural damage to area businesses. There were numerous reports of wind damage with the the worst occuring in the Brenham area (Washington County), in the Caldwell area (Burleson County), in the Crockett area (Houston County) and in the Pearland area. Some flash flooding was also observed from Rosenberg (Fort Bend County) to Houston (Harris County).
2012 9th A severe thunderstorm outbreak produced six tornadoes along with hail and flash flooding across portions of southeast Texas from early in the morning until around 1 PM. An EF-0 tornado struck near Fulshear (Fort Bend County) with power line damage, an EF-1 tornado struck just to the southeast of Clodine (Fort Bend County) causing significant damage to area homes, three EF-0 tornadoes struck the Brazoria County area with structure damage to barns, sheds, and two semi-tractor trilers that were rolled over, and another EF-0 tornado caused some tree damage near the Mall of the Mainland (Texas City, Galveston County). There were numerous reports of wind damage across the area, and some flash flooding was observed from the Richmond to Sugar Land areas (Fort Bend County and Harris County). In addition, there was hail the size of quarters (Mission Bend area of Fort Bend County) and the size of ping pong balls (East Bernard area of Wharton County).
2011 30th A severe thunderstorm produced golf ball size hail along State Highway 146 to the east of Goodrich (Polk County).
2008 21st Strong thunderstorm winds collapsed a 28 foot wall at a construction site on NASA Road One in Webster (Harris County).
2007 17th A vehicle drove into a low water crossing during a flash flood near Industry (Austin County) and was swept 100 yards downstream. Of the three persons in the vehicle, one escaped to safety while the other two perished due to drowning. The victim's bodies were discovered 3/4 of a mile and 2 miles downstream from the mostly submerged vehicle.
2007 15th Arctic air filtered into the region, and as a series of upper level disturbances moved southwest to northeast across the area, a mixture of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snowfell generally northwest of a line from Columbus to Trinity.
2006 17th Strong winds collapsed the side of an oil storage tank in Deer Park (Harris County). As a result, a scaffolding inside the tank holding two men toppled, killing one of them.
2004 17th Large hail occurred in the evening across portion of Montgomery County. Hail size ranged from 0.75" in Willis to 1.50" near Cut and Shoot and Conroe. The larger sized hail (that eventually covered the ground) actually forced law enforcement officers to pull off the road. Total damage was around $20,000.
2001 29th Thunderstorm winds downed trees around 3 AM from Porter to Magnolia to Montgomery in Montgomery County. Total damage was estimated at $25,000.
1999 1st-2nd A New Years Day tornado outbreak struck portions of Southeast Texas. There were eight tornadoes (two F2s, three F1s and three F0s). Among the strongest tornadoes...the first F1 struck just northeast of Huntsville (Walker County) and caused seven injuries. The first F2 tornado was south of Trinity (Trinity County) where trees falling on residences and vehicles caused major damage. One resident had an anemometer that recorded a 110 mph wind gust before being blown away. Another F2 tornado struck around Devers (Liberty County) and completely destroyed three large houses. Tornadic winds dragged heavy farm tractors (approximately 50000 lbs) over 10 to 15 feet. Another F1 tornado struck Gilchrist (Galveston County) and tossed a motorized boat 150 to 200 feet down a street. Hail up to 0.75" also occurred in this outbreak in Houston and Webster (Harris County) and in Groveton (Trinity County). Downtown Houston also had a 60 mph wind gust. Total damage from this event was around $1.3 million.
1999 22nd Large hail (up to softball size - 4.50") fell in College Station causing $10 million damage.
1998 21st An F1 tornado moved east-northeast across the Sam Houston National Forest (Walker County) and caused $400,000 damage. Numerous trees (some up to 18 inches in diameter) were snapped along the tornado path. Numerous camping shelters were destroyed.
1997 12th-13th An ice storm led to over 1100 traffic accidents (accounting for three deaths) across Southeast Texas. Trees, powerlines and roadways were all affected by the freezing rain and sleet. Estimated damage was set at $800,000.
1997 27th An F1 tornado touched down in Pasadena (Harris County) and caused $12 million in damage across its 1.5 mile long and 30 yard wide track.