National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
July Severe Weather Events
for Southeast Texas
1999 12th An F1 Tornado, which began as a waterspout over Galveston Bay, tracked across the northern part of Texas City (Galveston County). The tornado struck the Chateau Jonon Apartments (near Loop 197 and Goddard Park) tearing the roof off of one building and damaging roofs on several others. Widespread trees and power lines were also reported down in Texas City. Total damage was around $100,000.
1998 entire month Drought conditions continued across all of Southeast Texas this month. These conditions were actually a continuation from the previous month. Very little rainfall across Southeast Texas combined with soaring temperatures continued to plague agricultural and medical conditions. With the exception of one day this month, afternoon highs remained above 96 degrees each and every day at Houston's Intercontinental Airport (Harris County) as well as many other locations across the region. There was little relief at night with overnight lows in the 75 to 80 degree range. Eight heat related deaths were reported in the Houston area (Harris County) alone.
1997 5th Fifteen minutes of dime size hail and high winds were observed in Brazoria (Brazoria County). Five houses had roof damage and many downtown businesses had broken windows from hail and flying debris. At least one car was totalled because of a fallen tree.
1996 25th Street Flooding was observed in Crockett (Houston County). Three cars were swept off Highway 21. Highway 7 was barricaded due to high water. Total damage was around $10,000.
1995 30th-31st Tropical Storm Dean struck the Southeast Texas coast. Dean began as the fourth tropical depression of the 1995 season on the 28th in the North Central Gulf of Mexico. Tropical storm warnings were issued for the upper Texas coast on the 29th from Intracoastal City, LA to Corpus Christi, TX. On the 30th, Dean was upgraded to tropical storm status just southeast of Galveston. Dean made landfall near San Luis Pass on the 30th and moved inland over Brazoria County. The storm was quickly downgraded to a depression. Galveston Scholes Field's peak wind was 51 mph and lowest pressure was 1003.4 mb. Tides were 3 to 3.5 feet above normal and ranged from 3.3 feet at Morgans Point to 4.8 feet at Pleasure Pier above lower low water. Minor storm surge flooding of Highway 87 (Galveston County) occurred. There were two confirmed tornadoes - one on High Island (Galveston County) and the other just southeast of Anahuac (Chambers County). Dean also produced flooding rains across portions of Chambers and southern Liberty Counties. Unofficial rainfall reports and radar estimates indicated 15 to 18 inches of rain fell in central Chambers into extreme southern Liberty Counties between High Island and Liberty. Monroe City (Chambers County) measured 16.78 inches of rain. No injuries or deaths were reported. The evacuation of 20 families was necessary in Chambers County due to rainfall flooding. Total damage from Dean was around $500,000 mainly from rainfall flooding.
1995 30th Flash Flooding developed across the coastal counties (Harris, Brazoria, Galveston and Chambers) in the overnight hours when 3 to 7 inches of rain swamped the area. Widespread street flooding was reported throughout the counties, and damage was estimated around $40,000.
1993 30th Golf ball size hail fell around 6 PM near Katy and in Fulshear and on Westheimer Boulevard west of Highway 8 (Fort Bend County). A gazebo was blown over, small signs were blown down, and shutters were blown off buildings across northern portions of the county from a downburst from this same thunderstorm.
1992 31st An F0 Tornado was reported near Cat Springs (Austin County) by the public. Minor roof damage was done to buildings in the area, and some power lines were also downed.
1989 1st-3rd The remnants of the weak circulation from Tropical Storm Allison continued to produce heavy rain across Southeast Texas through July 1st. Flooding from these rains and the runoff from previous rains persisted through the 7th. The circulation from the storm after moving into Louisiana on the 27th and 28th of June backtracked and moved into Southeast Texas on the 29th and lingered in the area until the early morning hours on the 1st. An additional 500 persons were forced from their homes the first three days of July. Some of the worst hit locations were along the Trinity River in Polk and Liberty Counties where serious flooding continued through the 3rd. By 8 AM on the 1st, Moss Bluff (Liberty County) had 3.60 inches and Livingston (Polk County) had 2.43 inches. Many homes were flooded west of the Trinity River from above Liberty downstream to below Moss Bluff. Eight subdivisions or communities were flooded with water entering homes. Most roads in the area were closed due to high water. Dayton Lakes, a town of about 200 people along the Trinity River north of Liberty, remained under water on the 2nd.
1988 27th Golfball size hail was reported in downtown Houston (Harris County) as was dime size hail on the north side of the city. High winds from the same afternoon thunderstorm toppled large trees in the city.
1987 2nd High winds from a severe thunderstorm produced rough water on the San Jacinto County side of Lake Livingston. Two boats were capsized. Three of the four occupants of one boat drowned while two persons of another boat made it to safety. Afternoon thunderstorms also uprooted trees in western Polk County and south and southwest Montgomery County. Strong winds also toppled trees near Cleveland (Liberty County).
1986 15th High winds from a thunderstorm destroyed a 65-unit boat storage enclosure on the southern end of Lake Conroe (Montgomery County).
1985 3rd One inch hail was reported by the public during an afternoon thunderstorm on the northwest side of Houston (Harris County) near the intersection of US Highway 290 and Tidwell Road. No damage was reported.