National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
September Severe Weather Events
for Southeast Texas
2000 1st-6th A record setting heat wave that began at the end of August 2000 continued over Southeast Texas through the first week of September. The temperature at Houston Intercontinental Airport (Harris County) soared to 109 degrees on the 4th and 108 degrees on the 5th, setting new records for the all-time highest temperatures recorded in Houston. The temperature in College Station (Brazos County) peaked at 112 degrees on the 4th and 111 degrees on the 5th, both the highest temperatures ever recorded in College Station. The all-time record high temperature in Galveston (Galveston County) of 101 degrees was tied on the 4th, then broken the next day when the temperature rose to 104 degrees. Temperatures across all of Southeast Texas began to cool on the 6th. In all, Houston recorded 6 consecutive days with temperatures of 104 degrees or higher and College Station recorded 6 consecutive days of 107 degrees or higher. Galveston reached 100 degrees or higher for the first time since 1939, and for the first time on record had more than one day in a season with 100- degree temperatures. A heat wave with temperatures of this duration and magnitude is unprecedented for Southeast Texas.
1998 7th-12th Tropical Storm Frances brought significant coastal flooding to the upper Texas coast from high tides, and the combination of the high tides and heavy rainfall near the coast led to property damage of around $287 million.
1997 2nd Thunderstorm winds from a late afternoon microburst overturned ten railroad cars, damaged a house and downed trees at the intersection of Contron-Dix Road near the railroad tracks 7 miles west of College Station (Brazos County). Total damage was around $100,000.
1996 20th An F0 tornado was reported by the sheriff near Caid Lake (Burleson County) duting the early evening hours. Many public reports of multiple tornadoes on the ground were also reported in the general vicinity. This tornadic thunderstorm continued moving across the county between Caldwell and Somerville. Damage surveys show tornadoes briefly reached the ground and downed trees along portions of Highway 36. Caldwell reported trees down, damage to storage sheds and damage to a barn that had a metal roof torn off of it. The town of Somerville had damage to a truckstop, trees down and damage to tin barns. Total damage was around $500,000.
1992 16th Strong winds blew the roof off of a grocery store and downed power lines in the Vanderbilt area (Jackson County) during a late afternoon thunderstorm.
1990 5th High winds from a late afternoon thunderstorm downed trees in Humble (Harris County). Some of the falling trees downed power lines. Lightning struck and killed a boy on the north side of Houston.
1988 3rd Extensive street and highway flooding was observed in the early morning hours across Brazoria, Galveston and Harris counties where 5 to 8 inches of rain fell. Many vehicles stalled in high water. The area most affected by the heavy rains and flooding was northern Brazoria, southern Harris and all of Galveston counties. Flooding began in northern Brazoria County where the National Weather Service office in Alvin recorded 6.50 inches of rain. The heavy rain moved east and southeast into southern Harris and later into Galveston county. The Galveston National Weather Service office measured 5.15 inches of rain in a six hour period. Flood waters covered Texas Highway 87 on the Bolivar peninsula. Serious street flooding was reported in the Seabrook, Webster and Dickinson area. For a time, the runoff produced a two foot seiche at Kemah at the edge of Galveston Bay.
1987 28th Over 5 inches of rain fell around the Woodlands area of southern Montgomery county. High water and flooding was reported along Panther Creek and the low areas around Oak Ridge North and Timber Ridge subdivisions. Over 5 inches fell on the western end of Galveston Island with some minor flooding.
1986 6th Heavy rain in and around the Bryan-College Station area (Brazos County) all day long caused street flooding and the flooding of several low water crossings. Many automobiles were stalled out in the high water. Several underpasses were closed in the area due to high water.
1985 9th Late evening thunderstorm winds rolled over a camper trailer which was parked on the beach side of Galveston State Park (Galveston County). 4 occupants of the trailer were injured. The high winds also turned over two other camper trailers in the area.
1985 29th Afternoon thunderstorm winds damaged a roof of a lumber yard in Ames (Liberty County). Signs were blown over, roofs were damaged on some homes and there were power outages in the town of Liberty.
1984 18th-22nd Widespread coastal flooding of inland bays, barrier islands and inland waterways occurred as a low pressure system moved northeast up the Texas coast. Winds to near gale force and high astronomical tides contributed to general coastal flooding of water heights 2 to 4 feet above normal. Roads in Kemah and Seabrook near Galveston were covered with water. Galveston State Park was closed because of the high water and wind driven tides. Sea Rim Stater Park and portions of State Highway 87 were flooded at times from the high water.
1984 21st A waterspout moved onshore on the eastern end of Galveston Island and flipped over a small camping trailer.