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STORM SIGNALS was a publication distributed periodically by the Houston/Galveston National Weather Service Office. It was published to inform citizens of Southeast Texas about weather affecting this area. 

The Summer 2001 issue marked a change to the look and accessibility of our newsletter. Documents are now in a .PDFformat which means that you need Adobe Acrobat to view them. Please note that some of these documents are quite large and may take several minutes to download.

  • Vol. 87/ September 2011 - Exceptional Drought Continues Across Southeast Texas, Incident meteorologists at the NWS Houston/Galveston office
  • Vol. 86/ Summer 2011 - Remembering Allison, Facebook, Lightning Safety Week, Hurricane Talks and Hurricane Names, Hurricane Safety, Heat Waves/Heat Index
  • Vol. 85/ Spring 2011 - 2011 Hurricane Workshop
  • Vol. 84/ Fall 2010 - 2010 Summer Records, Fire Weather Program, Winter Safety Rules
  • Vol. 83/ Summer 2010 - 2010 Hurricane Season Outlook and Preparedness, Heat Waves and Heat Index, Lightning Safety Awareness Week, Rip Currents, What is Ozone?
  • Vol. 82/ Spring 2010 - 2010 Hurricane Workshop, Hurricane Preparedness Week, 2009 Hurricane Season and Looking Ahead to 2010, Hurricane Talks and Hurricane Names.
  • Vol. 81/ Summer 2009 - First Half of 2009 Climate Info, El Niño is Back, 2009 Hurricane Season Outlook, Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, Fire Weather Support, April Heavy Rainfall Event, Improved Hydrological Service, Google Earth and Storm Data, Lightning and Heat Waves.
  • May 2009 - Invitation for 2009 Houston/Galveston Hurricane Workshop
  • Vol. 80/ Spring 2009 - Hurricane Ike, December 2008 Snow Event, 2009 Hurricane Workshop and Hurricane Talks, 2009 SKYWARN, CoCoRaHS, Awareness Weeks for Hurricane Preparedness, Severe Weather and Flood Safety.
  • Vol. 79/ Summer 2008 - New MIC, 2008 Hurricane Season Outlook, Inundation Flood Mapping, Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook, Multi-Media Weather Briefing, 2008 Climate Summary so far, Heat Waves and Heat Index
  • Vol. 78/ May 2008 - Advertisement for 2008 Houston/Galveston Hurricane Workshop
  • Vol. 77/ Spring 2008 - Farewell, 2008 Hurricane Workshop and Hurricane Talks, P-3 Tour, 2008 SKYWARN, CoCoRaHS, AMS, 2008 Boat Show, Awareness Weeks for Severe Weather, Flood Safety, Hurricanes and Lightning
  • Vol. 76/ Fall/Winter 2007 - MIC detailed to the NHC, Graphical Weather Outlooks, AMS 2007-2008, Houston Lightning Detection and Ranging Network, CERT, SKYWARN, Erin and Humberto, 2007 Hurricane Season Summary, Winter Safety Rules, Wind Chill Terms and Definitions
  • Vol. 75/ Spring/Summer 2007 - 2007 Houston/Galveston Nurricane Workshop, The Naming of Tropical Cyclones, Hurricane Talks, New Climate Products Now Available, 2006 - A Year In Review, Heat Waves, Heat Index, Weather Safety: Hurricanes
  • Vol. 74/ Fall/Winter 2006/2007 - 2006 El Niño Continues to Develop, 2007 SKYWARN, American Meteorological Society, 2007 Houston/Galveston Hurricane Workshop, Cooperative Weather Observers, 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season Summary, New Taiton Weather Radio Dedicated, Winter Safety Rules/Wind Chill
  • Vol. 73/ Summer 2006 - 2006 Hurricane Season Outlook, Area Lake Surges Associated with Hurricane Rita, Wind Speed Probability...A New Hurricane Product, Local Climate Data for the First Half of 2006, New TAFs, AMS, Heat Waves, Hurricane Safety, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 72/ Spring 2006 - 2006 Hurricane Workshop, 2005 Hurricane Season Review, National Severe Weather Workshop, StormReady, Boat Show, Lightning Safety Awareness Week, The Spring Storm Season, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 71/ Fall 2005 - The Historical 2005 Hurricane Season, End of Summer Climate Summary, Southeast Texas Flooding, 2006 SKYWARN, Winter Safety Rules, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 70/ Summer 2005 - 2005 Hurricane Season Outlook, Evacuation Plans, Dedication of our New Building, 2005 Climate far, Tsunami Warning System, Lightning Safety, Heat Waves, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 69/ Winter 2004 - 2004 Christmas Eve Snow, 2004 Climate Review, Galveston County Emergancy Management Facility, SKYWARN 2005, 2004 Hurricane Season Highlight, 2005 Hurricane Workshop, Houston AMS, El Niño, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 68/ Fall 2004 - Gulf Coast Tropical Cyclone Landfall Forecast Study, 2004 Hurricane Season (including Why Florida in 2004 and Tropical Cyclone Induced Tornadoes of 2004, Southeast Texas Climate Summary, NOAA All-Hazards Radio, Winter Safety Rules, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 67/ Spring 2004 - 2004 Hurricane Workshop, Upcoming Hurricane Season, New Facilities, AHAPS, Lightning Safety Awareness Week, Co-Op Update, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 66/ Fall-Winter 2003 - 2003 SE TX Weather Climate Review, Friendswood is STORMREADY!, IFPS Becomes Official, Hurricane Season 2003, Turn Around, Don't Drown, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 65/ Late Spring 2003 - Advertisement for 2003 Houston/Galveston Hurricane Workshop
  • Vol. 64/ Spring 2003 - 2002 SE TX Weather Year in Review, December Severe Weather, SKYWARN 2003, Upcoming and Past Workshops, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 63/ Fall 2002 - Hurricane Lili Evacuation Decisions, Tropical Storm Fay Summary, Winter Safety Rules, SKYWARN 2003, Houston AMS, SE TX Winter Season Outlook
  • Vol. 62/ Summer 2002 - 2002 Hurricane Season Forecast, Allison Retires, Heat Wave, Ozone, New Climate Normals, Local OEM Receives National Award, The Rats That Left the Ship, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 61/ Spring 2002 - 2002 Hurricane Workshop, Hurricane Awareness Week, Spring 2002 Climate, IFPS Products on the Web, Lightning Safety Awareness, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 60/ Spring 2002 - 2001 Climate Summary, Allison Floods, IFPS, New Webpage Look, SKYWARN, 2002 Hurricane Workshop
  • Vol. 59/ Fall 2001 - Climate Summary of 2001 Summer, Storm Ready, New NOAA Weather Radio Voice, Houston AMS, Winter Safety Rules, New Wind Chill Index, EMWIN Award, Staff Spotlight
  • Vol. 58/ Summer 2001 - Special Issue on Tropical Storm Allison