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Excessive Rainfall and Flooding Threat in the South; Hazardous Heat in the Western U.S. Expanding to the Northern Plains

Multiple rounds of heavy rain and thunderstorms across portions of the Texas and Louisiana Coast will likely lead to flash, urban, small stream and river flooding. An additional heavy rainfall threat will exist from the Lower Mississippi Valley through the southern Mid-Atlantic. Meanwhile, a dangerous heat threat will continue across the Western U.S. and northern Plains through Thursday. Read More >

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The hazards displayed are a weather forecast. For road conditions, contact your Transportation Dept.

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Criteria Customization

The colors on the map can be customized to highlight hazards specific to your needs. The amounts below are the max forecasted values over a 6 hourly period.


Max Wind (mph)


Rain (in)


Snow/Sleet (in)


Ice Accum. (in)


Other Color Overrides

 NWS Watches/Warnings Color Coding Legend
 Weather Color Coding Legend

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Legend & Help

Weather Hazard Legend

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No significant weather hazard is expected to impact travel during this time. A minor threat to life or property. Light precipitation that can cause reduced visibility as well as slick roads are expected to impact travel. A significant threat to life or property. Slick roadways due to precipitation and/or strong winds are expected to impact travel. A dangerous threat to life or property. Events such as blizzards or high winds are expected to impact travel. Motorists are advised to avoid travel during this time. This color is not customizable.


What are the color overrides?

The color overrides allow a user to customize the color scheme of the forecast. For example: If you are traveling in a high profile vehicle, you are susceptible to strong winds. If wind speeds over 30 mph strongly affect you, you may want to change the wind criteria to display red at 30mph.

The "Weather" color overrides are as follows:
Blowing Dust/Sand/Snow, Freezing Rain, Fog/Smoke
Dense Fog/Smoke

The "NWS Watches & Warnings" color overrides are as follows:
Wind, Wind Chill, & Winter Advisories
Blowing Dust/Sand/Snow Advisory, Dense Fog/Smoke Advisory, Freezing Rain Advisory, Winter & Ice Warnings
Blizzard & High Wind Warnings

The magenta color cannot be customized, and is only used with Blizzard and High Wind Warnings. This color can be turned off by deselecting the "NWS Watches & Warnings" criteria override.

How are the road segment forecasts made?

The forecasts are derived from the National Weather Service Digial Forecast Database (NDFD). A road segment is first applied a 2.5km buffer, and is then overlayed on top of the NDFD's gridded forecast. The road segment's forecast is then created by finding the "worst forecasted weather" in that buffer. In this way, the forecast is not always applicable to the entire road segment, but instead will display the the most inclement weather you're likely to experience on part of that road.

How does the point to point forecast work?

The point to point forecast will allow a user to focus on a forecast for a particular route. This can be helpful when traveling long distances over a long time period. The point to point forecast is still in 6 hour periods, and will only display the currently selected time period for the estimated time that you will be traveling during that section. Sections of road that fall outside of that estimate will be grayed out.


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This page provides graphical weather forecast information for segments of US and state highways and interstates. Selecting a road segment provides forecast information derived from the local Weather Forecast Office's Digital Forecast Database. Segments are color coded based on forecast weather in 6 hour time intervals. This forecast is for planning purposes only and you should call 511 or access the 511 page (available via the "Transportation Resources" menu) from your state transportation department for current road conditions.