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2020 SKYWARN Recognition Day
December 5th

SKYWARN Recognition Day (SRD) was developed in 1999 by the National Weather Service and the American Radio Relay League. It celebrates the contributions that volunteer SKYWARN radio operators make to the National Weather Service (NWS). On SRD, SKYWARN operators visit NWS offices and contact other radio operators across the world. Information regarding SRD is found at 

The NWS recognizes the importance that amateur radio provides during severe weather. NWS offices acquire real time weather information from amateur radio operators in the field. These operators, for example, may report the position of a tornado, the height of flood waters, or damaging wind speeds during hurricanes. All of this information is critical to the mission of the NWS which is to protect life and property. The special event celebrates this special contribution by amateur radio operators. For more information, contact Dan Reilly at (281)337-5074 extension 223 or by e-mail at