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Dangerous Heat in the Western U.S.; Flash Flooding Possible Across Portions of the South

High temperatures in the 90s to 100s and warm overnight temperatures will continue across parts of the Interior Northwest, central California, and the Great Basin. Thunderstorms and heavy rain may produce scattered flash flooding across much of the Southern Rockies into the Southwest, particularly over sensitive burn scars in New Mexico, and across the Southeast into the Carolinas. Read More >



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Research papers by current and past members of the NWS GSP staff

  • Northwest Flow Aspects of Hurricane Sandy. Steve Keighton, Douglas K. Miller, David Hotz, Patrick D. Moore, L. Baker Perry, Laurence G. Lee, and Daniel T. Martin, Wea. Forecasting 2016, 31:1, 173-195, December 2015.
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  • A study of three-quarter inch hail reports in Upstate South Carolina - 1988 to 1994 -Eastern Region General Interest Paper - Wayne Jones -1999
  • Isentropic Analysis Applications in Forecasting Low-Level Clouds -Eastern Region General Interest Paper - Kenneth James -1997


Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Overview of the 2009-2010 Snow Season in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. - L. Baker Perry, David Hotz, Stephen Keighton, Laurence G. Lee, J. Dobson, D. Hall, and Charles E. Konrad - 2010. 67th Eastern Snow Conference, Hancock, MA.
  • Snowfall Accumulation forecasting challenges for the southern Applachians. - Douglas K. Miller, L. Baker Perry, Sandra E. Yuter, Laurence G. Lee and Stephen Keighton - 2008. 33rd Natl. Wea. Assoc. Annual Meeting, Louisville, KY.
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  • Short-term forecasting of tornadic environments in the complex terrain of western North Carolina - Harry Gerapetritis - Preprints, 20th Conference on Severe Local Storms, Orlando, FL, American Meteorological Society, 567-570.
  • Characteristics of WSR-88D velocity and reflectivity patterns associated with a cold season non-supercell tornado in upstate South Carolina - Laurence G. Lee and Wayne A. Jones - 1998, Preprints, 19th Conference on Severe Local Storms, Minneapolis, MN, American Meteorological Society, 151-154.
  • Comparison of reflectivity factors determined from disdrometer and WSR-88D measurements in upstate South Carolina - Carlton W. Ulbrich, Joseph M. Pelissier, and Laurence G. Lee - 1997, Preprints, 28th Conference on Radar Meteorology, Austin, TX, American Meteorological Society, 382-383.
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