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NWS Offices with Marine Forecast and Warning Responsibility


The map below shows the 47 NWS Weather Forecast Offices and 3 National Centers with marine forecast and warning responsibility. Below the map are links to the marine weather page of each office/center and links to low bandwidth marine forecast products. Coastal NWS Forecast Offices have regionally focused marine webpages which are overflowing with information such as coastal forecasts, predicted tides, and buoy observations. 

map showing National Weather Service Offices, highlighting those that issue marine weather forecasts   

Weather Forecast Offices and National Centers with marine forecast and warning responsibility


East Coast Gulf Coast West Coast Great Lakes Pacific National Centers





Links to low bandwidth text versions of many NWS Marine Products

Alaska Marine Forecasts (low bandwidth)

All NWS Marine Forecast areas  

NWS Fairbanks, AK NWS Anchorage, AK NWS Juneau, AK NWS Seattle, WA NWS Portland, OR NWS Eureka, CA NWS San Francisco/Monterey Bay Area, CA NWS Los Angeles/Oxnard, CA NWS Medford, OR NWS San Diego, CA NWS Corpus Christi, TX NWS Brownsville, TX NWS Houston/Galveston, TX NWS Lake Charles, LA NWS New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA NWS Mobile, AL/Pensacola, FL NWS San Juan, PR NWS Key West, FL NWS Miami - South Florida NWS Melbourne, FL NWS Tampa Bay Area, FL NWS Tallahassee, FL NWS Jacksonville, FL NWS Marquette, MI NWS Duluth, MN NWS Green Bay, WI NWS Chicago, IL NWS Milwaukee/Sullivan, WI NWS Gaylord, MI NWS Grand Rapids, MI NWS Northern Indiana NWS Detroit/Pontiac, MI NWS Charleston, SC NWS Wilmington, NC NWS Newport/Morehead, NC NWS Wakefield, VA NWS Baltimore, MD/Washington D. C. NWS Cleveland, OH NWS Buffalo, NY NWS New York, NY NWS Philadelphia/Mt Holly, PA NWS Boston / Taunton, MA NWS Gray/Portland, ME NWS Caribou, ME American Samoa and Pago PagoCentral Pacific Hurricane Center NWS Honolulu, HI NWS GuamOcean Prediction CenterNational Hurricane Center