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Show All Products Browse Dictionary Turn Dictionary On Font:  A   A   A About This Page
Show All Products Browse Dictionary Turn Dictionary On Font:  A   A   A Printer Friendly About This Page


By default, this page will load with a list of all products available through the API database

If you click on any of the available products, you will then see a list of locations that the product is issued from/for.

If you click on a location, you can see the latest product issued, and the option to see other products that were issued in the past 168 hours (7 days).

The URL will also accept arguments, to get you to the products you want to see quicker.


You can also use an argument for which office the product originates:

One or more products may be viewed at the same time by providing the &product= argument in the URL.

Up to 12 products can be viewed at one time.

If requesting multiple products, separate them with a comma.


At any time, clicking "Browse Dictionary" will display all words/phrases/acronyms sorted by letter. Clicking on any letter will show all of the words/phrases/acronyms starting with that letter. Note: There are no words starting with Q in our current dictionary.

While viewing any text product, you can click "Turn Dictionary On", which will change any matching words or phrases in the text product to a blue color. Using a mouse, you can hover over the blue words/phrases/acronyms and the definition will be displayed.

Clicking "Turn Dictionary Off" will remove any blue lettering from the text product.

To always enable the dictionary, you can add &glossary=on to the end of the URL, when other arguments are supplied.


Parsing can be done by adding the &parse= argument to the URL.

If the parse argument can't be found in a product, a pop will let you know, and the whole product will be displayed.

If you have more than one product along with the parse argument, each product will attempt to be parsed.

If you have multiple products and multiple parse arguments, you will get a tab with each product parsed with each parse argument.


This page loads with default font sizes which are different for desktop and mobile devices. Many text products are written and formatted in a monospace type. For a better viewing experience, you may turn your phone sideways (aka landscape view)

As of August 8, 2022, a cookie will be issued with the font size you have selected. You do not need to do anything if you are happy with the current font size. To adjust the font size, see below:

You can change the font size of the page by clicking the "A"s at the top of the page (A   A   A) :

  • Each time you click the "small A", the font size will decrease
  • Each time you click the "large A", the font size will increase
  • When you click the "medium sized A", the font size will reset to the default

You can add &font=xx (where xx is a number) to the url to load the page with a specific font size


The text product database that this page relies on contains products that were issued in the past 168 hours (7 days).

When the product loads, you can select older versions of the product by selecting them from the drop down menu, of by clicking the "Older Version"/"Newer Version" buttons. Note: The date/time in the drop down menu is relative to the time zone you are in, which is not necessarily the time zone from which it was issued.

You can add &version=xx (where xx is a number) to the url to load the page with a specific version of a product. Note: version 0 is the most current version.

If you specify a version where the number is greater than the number of available versions, the oldest version of that product will be displayed.

To link to a specific instance of a product, click "Link to this Version", to the right of the "Older/Newer" buttons. Note that the link will be good only for 168 hours after the product was initially issued.


Clicking the Printer Friendly button will render the page in a more printer friendly format (desktop only).

You can add &print=true to the url to load the page in the printer friendly format (all devices).



Please direct questions or comments to

Known Issues/Things we are Investigating

  • Adding office level menu items/hotlinks